Wilwood Hi-TEMP 570 Racing Brake Fluid

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Size: 6-PK

SKU 290-2210

Wilwood Hi-Temp 570 Racing Brake Fluid is a specially fortified blend offering high-end performance covering a wide range of competition, and street applications specified for DOT 5.1 fluids. 

HI-TEMP 570 Racing Brake Fluid - Wilwood's Hi-Temp 570 DOT 5.1 Racing Brake Fluid has a dry boiling point of 570° F to meet racers' demands lap after lap. The lower viscosity of the DOT 5.1 rated formula allows ABS systems to react faster and makes bleeding brakes easier. Increased resistance to aeration and foaming improve pedal feel and consistency in severe use.

Hi-Temp 570 comes in convenient 12-ounce containers hermetically sealed to prevent moisture absorption, which drastically lowers the boiling point. Wilwood Hi-Temp 570 racing brake fluid is compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 fluids.

NOTE: For best performance, keep your system bled and topped off with clean, fresh fluid from a sealed container. Maintaining your system with a periodic flush and fill will add performance and increase the service life of all components in the system.