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Wilwood FIVE Brake Fluid

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Wilwood FIVE is a highly refined silicone brake fluid preferred by classic car and car show enthusiasts. The non-hygroscopic blend blocks moisture absorption which inhibits internal corrosion. Its paint-friendly compound will not harm most custom finishes should a leak or spill occur.

In addition to the protective properties, Wilwood FIVE provides superior lubrication for all brake system wear surfaces giving long life to the master cylinder, caliper pistons, bores, and seals. It is a fully DOT 5 compliant fluid meeting or exceeding FMVSS 116 and MIL-PRF-46176B-DOT specifications, and can be used in any vehicle that is OE specified for DOT 5 use. Wilwood does not recommend using DOT 5 fluid in any racing application. For racing brake fluid, please refer to our 570° Hi-Temp, or EXP600 PLUS fluids.