EXP Super Hi-Temp 600PLUS Brake Fluid

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Wilwood EXP Super Hi-Temp 600 Plus Racing Brake Fluid is specially formulated for road course, oval track, and all competition applications where brake systems consistently operate at sustained high temperatures. EXP 600 Plus protects against aeration and vapor lock by maintaining its viscosity and density to resist compressibility.  EXP 600 Plus retains its lubricity and full system protection through resistance to additive separation during high-temperature heat cycles.  It conforms to and exceeds U.S. specification FMVSS No. 116 DOT 4 and has been proven compatible with use in production car ABS systems.

Racing requires fluids with high boiling points and low compressibility. Brake fluids also need to have low moisture affinity to slow the natural absorption rate of water vapor. But the true test of any high-quality fluid is how well it resists aeration and compressibility while being repeatedly heated and pressure cycled through the duration of an event. The real test is on the race track under extreme conditions. EXP 600 PLUS has been proven to maintain a firm pedal feel and quick response, long after others have failed.

NOTE: For best results on the track, keep your system bled and topped off with clean, fresh fluid from a sealed container.