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Wilwood Hi-TEMP 570 Racing Brake Fluid

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Wilwood Hi-Temp° 570 Racing Brake Fluid is a specially fortified blend offering high-end performance covering a wide range of performance, competition, and street applications specified for DOT 3 fluids. Wilwood Hi-Tempº 570 Racing Brake Fluid, however, should not be compared to or confused with standard DOT 3 fluids.

Hi-Tempº 570 fluid is a premium choice for high-performance street vehicles, auto-cross and dual-sport street and track machines, drag racing, moderate temperature dirt tracks, hydraulic clutch systems, and most types of performance driving applications. Hi-Temp° 570 offers a measurably higher degree of resistance to aeration and vapor lock over standard automotive grade DOT 3 fluids with its expanded temperature range and resistance to compressibility. Hi-Temp° 570 provides superior protection throughout the brake system by maintaining lubricity through increased resistance to additive separation during intermittent high heat cycles.

NOTE: For best performance, keep your system bled and topped off with clean, fresh fluid from a sealed container. Maintaining your system with a periodic flush and fill will add performance and increase the service life of all components in the system.