When it comes to engineering big brake kits for your BMW, whether for heavy street use, light track days, autocross, or competitive wheel-to-wheel racing, Wilwood has the experience and expertise to provide you exactly what you need and at a price that will make you smile. Our big brake kit upgrades are a perfect complement to wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades when using your stock spindles. 

BMW showing off big Wilwood brake kits

Wilwood has a history of racing born over four decades ago. Engineering and manufacturing bolt-on compatible brake kits are our specialty and we do it all right here in the USA. Each kit is specifically built to fit your year-make-model using factory spindles and to work with all factory electronics, including your ABS and OEM master cylinder. Our engineers take the time to analyze each kit and provide clear-cut installation instructions for each application. You'll find just about every minute detail regarding your kit on our website, from wheel clearance, piston bore sizes, rotor sizes and specs, fit and finish information, and a schematic to easily identify parts in the kit plus those on your car and how they integrate. 

BMW Front Brake Kits by Wilwood Disc Brakes - AERO6

Most kits will include properly sized DOT stainless steel flexline brake lines to connect your car's hard lines to the new calipers. With most street-use applications, a front upgrade kit is all that is needed for improved performance (and improved aesthetics) while still maintaining the braking balance of the car. However, rear brake kits are available for many E9x body styles, most M3 models, and all road race kits

The majority of brake kits will include Wilwood's highly-respected GT 72 curved-vane Spec37 rotors with proprietary iron alloy to withstand extreme heat, resist warping, cracking and excessive wear. The technology has been engineered and developed from our 40+ years of racing experience.  

BMW Brake Kit Parts by Wilwood Disc Brakes
Contents of front AERO6 brake kits. Also included are detailed instructions and unparalleled product support from in-house professionally trained representatives

The easiest way to find the kit for your car is to visit our Brake Kit Advisor page and enter your year, make, and model information to see a list of compatible kits. If no options are displayed it doesn't mean we don't have what you are looking for. We partner with many experienced fabricators, specialty parts distributors, chassis builders, and bespoke companies who build kits using Wilwood components for your application.

BWM Rear Brake Kits by Wilwood Disc Brakes - AERO4


BMW - Road Race Big Brake Kits

BMW Race Car on Track with Wilwood Big Brake Kits

Wilwood's road race big brake kits feature a hard anodized finish for superior wear resistance, and are engineered for high-heat environments utilizing our proprietary Thermlock® piston technology providing a stainless steel heat shield to minimize heat transfer to pads, pistons, seals, and brake fluid. Originally developed for NASCAR and other professional road-race categories, Wilwood now includes them as standard in all ST-designated (Short Track) racing calipers.

BMW Road Racing Brake Kits by Wilwood Disc Brakes

Wilwood Road Race Brake Kit Parts for BMW
Contents of a front AERO6 race kit

When it comes to road racing kits for your BMW, Wilwood is setting the trend in new technology with the introduction of our Dynamic GT Rotor and Lug Drive Hat assemblies utilizing a snap-ring instead of bolts to retain the hat to the rotor. The benefits from this type of setup are huge in terms of product longevity, heating and cooling differences between hat and rotor materials, and the speed at which you can change rotors - even while hot. 

Wilwood Lug Drive Hat & Rotor Assembly for BMW
Wilwood GT 72 curved-vane Spec37 rotor and lug-drive mounted hat assembly - no more bolts!

Additional information:

BMW E46 M3, 2001 - 2006, Brake Upgrade Kit

BMW E46 M3, 2001 - 2006, Road Race Kit

BMW E36 M3, 1996 - 1999, Front Road Racing Brake Kit

BMW Mini Cooper, 2014 – 2016, Front and Rear Brake Kits

History of BMW dating back to 1910


Wilwood choice of caliper colors chart


  • Bryan at Wilwood: January 20, 2022
    Author image


    We don’t currently have the F80/82 on our schedule, but it is on the list of cars we are considering making kits for. We find BMW owners are much more likely to drive their cars on the race track and want upgraded brakes, so every generation of the 1/2-series and 3/4-series are on that list of cars to consider.

    You can help our planning department by filling out the form on the Brake Kit Referral page – https://www.wilwood.com/About/BrakeKitReferral

  • Bryan at Wilwood: January 19, 2022
    Author image


    The nickel plated Wilwood AeroLite calipers have been discontinued. We do offer our calipers in colors other than red and black though. When ordering most of our calipers can be custom powder coated in 22 other colors, with the logos in black, white, silver, red, or blue. Here is more information on our custom colors – https://www.wilwood.com/Calipers/ColoredCalipers

    You can order calipers to match what is on your car now in a custom color by calling our tech line at (805) 388-1188.
    The calipers on your car are 120-13289 (right) and 120-13290 (left)

  • Andrei Dacu: January 19, 2022
    Author image

    Any plans for F80/82 brake kits?

  • Adam Ricco: January 18, 2022
    Author image

    I have on my 2011 E92 your Wilwood 6 piston calipers They work great
    At the time of my ordered I was told I could not get the nickel plated color
    Only Black or red
    I opted for black
    I am tired of this red caliper fad ( like on my CaymanS)
    What give and why were other colors not offered to me
    Thank you best regards Adam

  • Bryan: April 14, 2021
    Author image

    We do not make a replacement rotor for the BMW E82 135 Brembo brake setup. However we do make complete big brake kits for the 2008-13 BMW 135. You can see both of them here – https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=2010&make=BMW&model=135i&option=All&axle=Front+Kit

  • Jeff Murdoch: April 14, 2021
    Author image

    do you have lightweight rotors for BMW E82 135? that is the 6 piston Brembo caliper?

  • Bryan: January 15, 2021
    Author image

    Sorry, but we do not make a kit for the X Drive version of the E90 BMW 3-series at this time. We have not had an X drive in our shop to digitize and test fit brake to. You can fill out our brake kit referral form and if your car is one that we are considering for a new kit, our sales/engineering staff will contact you.


  • Adam Ricco: January 14, 2021
    Author image

    Front kit for an 2011 BMW E92 328XI

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