The evolution of Wilwood’s Corvette road racing program dates back to the simple days of providing track-capable brake pads for touring car classes where use of the original equipment calipers and rotors were required. Currently, the Wilwood Corvette race program covers all aspects of racing, including intermediate level upgrades for auto-x, enthusiast track day events, and fully dedicated professional-level systems for open-rule racing on production-based cars and chassis. Over the years, as racing opportunities and the types of allowable equipment has grown exponentially, Wilwood has worked closely with race teams, engineers, and race car prep shops to develop and deliver championship-winning brake components at all levels of competition.

The latest advances to the 1997-2004 C5 and 2005-2013 C6 Corvette race brake kits have been the addition of Wilwood’s dynamic mount lug-drive rotor system. Testing and development of the lug drive system for road racing began during the 2018 season in the highly competitive and demanding TA2 (Trans Am 2) racing series. To date, the lug-drive system has accounted for 13 tour series wins and numerous second and third place podium finishes. With its record of performance and durability, it became evident that the lug-drive system was ready for expansion into the Corvette systems replacing the earlier t-nut bobbin floating mount system.

Wilwood's Dynamic Mount Lug-Drive Rotor and Hat
Wilwood's Dynamic Mount Lug-Drive System

The lug-drive system uniquely eliminates all stress between the hat and rotor at the mounting points by allowing free movement between the two dissimilar metals as they cycle through temperature changes. The entire assembly is held together with a single stainless steel snap ring. Rotor bolts, along with the need for thread lockers or safety wire, are entirely eliminated. Installing new rotors onto the hats can be done in less than a minute. The hats themselves are hard coat anodized and additionally protected by stainless steel inserts in the rotor lug slots to virtually eliminate any wear in the hats.

Wilwood Lug-Drive mounted behind wheel

The “ST” series calipers used in all lug-drive race kits feature high strength forgings with a Type III Mil-Spec hard-anodized finish. Hard anodizing provides the highest degree of wear and abrasion resistance on all surfaces of the caliper, including the internal piston bores. Wilwood’s exclusive Thermlock® pistons offer the highest possible degree of heat management by reducing heat transfer from the brake pad to the caliper by up to 25%. Besides providing a natural thermal barrier, the unique design of these pistons eliminates localized hot-spotting in the area of the piston seal and the thin boundary layer of fluid surrounding the piston wall. Seal life is exponentially extended, and localized fluid gassing is prevented. Internal piston damper springs serve to control excessive piston retraction and dampen knock-back to maintain consistent pedal height throughout the entirety of an event. 



Front kits are available with either the Aerolite 6R/ST six piston calipers for unrestricted class racing or a new Aerolite 4R/ST four piston model for restricted touring category classes such as SCCA T1-LP and T2.

Wilwood Racing Brake Kit 140-16202
AERO6R/ST Six Piston Front Brake Kit 140-16202
Wilwood Racing Brake Kit 140-16181
AERO4R/ST Four Piston Front Brake Kit 140-16181

All piston volumes are matched to the output of the factory power brake system and are fully compatible with the ABS. The calipers can also be easily matched to race applications that have been converted to manual balance bar pedals using appropriately-sized master cylinders.

 Wilwood AERO6R/ST Race Front Brake Kit for Corvettes


The rear kits use our forged Superlite 4R/ST four piston calipers.
Wilwood Rear Brake Kit for Corvette Racing
FNSL4R/ST Four Piston Rear Brake Kit 140-16208

All Wilwood lug-drive race kits are shipped with BP-30 race compound SmartPads. BP-30 provides consistent and predictable smooth engagement at all temperatures, high grip, excellent modulation and release, and long wear in sustained high-temperature use. And as with all Wilwood calipers, optional pad compounds are available to fine-tune the response and grip levels to suit all driving styles, chassis, and tire combinations.


Outside of the kits themselves and a few bottles of Wilwood EXP600 Plus racing brake fluid, all that is necessary for installation are the chassis-to-caliper flexline kits. The line kits are ordered separately based on the model series and year of the car.

C5 Z06 Race Corvette with Wilwood Brake Kits 


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