Wilwood is an engineering company first and foremost, and while we manufacture and ship thousands of parts a year, we are always hard at work engineering new and better things. We have been developing these products for quite some time, and if you visit our booth at the SEMA Show (#24743 in Racing and Performance section, Central Hall, Central Lobby), you will see all of these items or the prototypes. Depending on the product, and current supply chain issues, all of these items should be shipping during the first quarter of 2022.

Also in the Wilwood booth (depending on what day you visit) will be the Wilwood Workhorse Mustang, Jake Rozelle’s C5 Corvette Ultimate Street Car, P.J. Jones’s Can-Am Maverick, and Wilwood Mike’s Polaris RZR. For more on the Workhorse Mustang, check out this blog post.

Jake Rozelle is both a talented engineer and driver - he developed, built, drives and wins in his 800+hp 2003 Corvette. The Lingenfelter LS7 motor revs over 8,000 rpm, feeding a C6 Corvette transaxle on a custom modified subframe. The suspension and everything else have been hones razor sharp, and of course the brakes are by Wilwood - Aero 6R calipers with dynamic mount lug drive 14.00" rotors up front, and FNSL 4R caliper with 13.06" rotors in back. For more on Rozelle's Corvette, check out this blog post.

To showcase the new Wilwood UTV Big Brake Kits, the booth features Mike's RZR 1000, and P.J.'s Maverick X3, which were used for prototyping and testing. P.J. Jones races his Maverick off-road in events including the Baja 1000, utilizing Wilwood brakes and many other custom parts produced by his own company, P.J.'s Performance. Mike's RZR is used by him for recreation, but also for supporting Wilwood equipped racers at King of the Hammers and other events.

These are some of our latest products:

Aero6 Direct Mount Brakes for Late Model Chevy and Ford Trucks - Wilwood Aero6 calipers have been reengineered to bolt directly to the spindles of Ford and Chevy 1/2-ton trucks with rotors to fit under most 17" wheels.

UTV Big Brake Kits for Polaris RZR and Can-Am Maverick - Larger, thicker rotors with calipers based on years of motorsports engineering, scaled to fit inside most 15" UTV wheels.

Mopar 4-Bolt Flange Master Cylinder - Wilwood's proven Compact Tandem Master Cylinder specifically engineered for the popular Dodge and Plymouth A-body, B-body, and E-body cars of the muscle car era.

Offset Clutch/Brake Pedal with Adjustable Foot Pads - One of the most popular pedal sets in motorsports, now with wider separation between the foot pads and adjustable height/pedal ratios.


Aero6 Direct Mount Brakes for Chevy and Ford 1/2-ton Trucks

Ford Raptor Big Brake Kit

Factory off-road performance trucks have overtaken muscle cars in the new car market, so Wilwood created kits to upgrade their front braking performance. The Aerolite six piston caliper is one of Wilwood's best, with a closed central bridge and forged billet construction, to deliver more clamping force from the same leg effort. The latest innovation machines the Aero6 calipers with mounting tabs and an offset to mount directly to the truck's factory spindles.

Wilwood rotors are larger (in most applications) for more brake torque while still allowing most 17" wheels to fit over them. The alloy used is a special low-carbon, high-friction iron formula, making them stop better with less thermal distortion in severe use. They are the perfect upgrade for hauling, towing, or high-speed off-road use.

Calipers come in glossy red or black powder coat. Rotors offer the option of slotted to help clear dirt, water, and dust buildup, or drilled and slotted, for all that and the ultimate performance look.

Kits available for Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 trucks and related SUVs 1999-06, 2007-18, and 2019-21. The Ford F150 kits fit 2010-18 Ford F150, 2010-14 Ford SVT Raptor, and 2017-2019 Ford Raptor trucks. The calipers are engineered to work with the factory master cylinder and electronic driver aids. Parts should start shipping early in 2022.

UTV Big Brake Kits for Polaris RZR and Can-Am Maverick

Big Brake kit for Polaris RZR

Wilwood is excited to enter the performance UTV market with big brake kits for the Polaris RZR and Can-Am Maverick sport side-by-sides. It is impressive what these lightweight machines do off-road, designed from scratch for the dirt without any on-road regulations to meet. Now available with up to 200hp and 32" tires from the factory, loaded down with passengers, gear, and sound systems, you may find the stock brakes just don't cut it anymore.

These kits start with front and rear rotors up to 20% bigger than the factory installed on the Maverick X3 or RZR 1000. Then Wilwood engineered a mounting system to allow the rotors to float on the hubs, eliminating knockback and thermal distortion. The mounting hats are a high-strength but lightweight aluminum, while the 11.25" x 0.25" rotors are a low-carbon, high-friction iron.

Wilwood scaled down our big caliper designs used on race cars and trucks to fit the rotors and wheels of a UTV. The smaller calipers are still stress-flow forged aluminum with fortified end bridges for reduced deflection and maximum rigidity. They are engineered with a six piston front and four or six piston rear (dependent on application), sized to work perfectly with the factory pedals and master cylinder. Parts should start shipping early in 2022.

Mopar 4 Bolt Flange Compact Tandem Master Cylinder

Mopar 4-bolt flange master cylinder

Mopar did things differently back in the day, which is part of why so many people love their Chryslers, Plymouths, and Dodges. Dodge and Plymouth used four bolts when nearly every other car company had switched to mounting their master cylinder on the firewall or booster with just a pair. This has long been a problem for people upgrading their favorite Mopar muscle car, especially when going from drum to disc brakes.


The Mopar 4 Bolt Flange Compact Tandem Master Cylinder bolts right up to the studs on a Mopar power booster or firewall. The 15/16" bore is correctly sized for manual brakes and comes with a pushrod to mate with the factory brake pedal. For power brake use, choose from a 1.00" bore or 1-1/8" bore to match the fluid volume needs of your calipers. All Mopar master cylinders come with the hard-to-find, Mopar-specific 9/16"-20 TPI inverted flare adapter to connect to the factory brake lines. (Note: Wilwood master cylinders are designed with larger volume output from the front port intended for disc brakes. Factory Mopar hard lines will need to be bent slightly to switch front and rear connection to the master cylinder.)

The Mopar flange master cylinder is sold as just the master cylinder or in a kit with a mounted combination proportioning valve/brake light switch. Choose from media burnished polished-look aluminum or black E-coat. These new Mopar-specific master cylinders will be available in the spring of 2022.

Wilwood has long sold an adapter plate allowing the standard two-bolt flange tandem master cylinders to mount to a four-bolt flange (part number 250-15448). The new master cylinder eliminates the need for that bracket, but it can still be used to mount other master cylinders.

Offset Clutch/Brake Pedal with Adjustable Foot Pads

Wilwood offset clutch/balance bar brake pedal

Wilwood's forged aluminum pedal assemblies are trusted by racers and car builders in all genres of competition. The standard clutch/brake pedal assembly with balance bar places the pedal arms about 4" on center. This new version features a clutch pedal arm with a bend in it to put them 6" on center. Each foot pad can be mounted centered or offset 1/2" to the left or right to adjust the space between them to suit the driver's feet and driving style.

But that isn't all that is new...

This offset balance bar pedal set introduces the new Wilwood variable ratio, adjustable length pedals. Movable foot pad mounts on the pedal heads adjust up and down, offering three positions/pedal ratios. At the lowest setting, you have a 6.25 to 1 pedal ratio for more leverage with less leg effort. At the upper setting, the footpad is moved 1.25" higher, and the leverage ratio is 5.50 to 1, which may be better for braking on low traction surfaces or for drivers with big feet/stronger legs.

The new offset clutch pedal arm and adjustable ratio brake pedal arm are being produced now and should start shipping before the end of the year. Both the offset and straight arms with adjustable foot pad mounting are backward compatible with the Wilwood pedal assembly already in your car.


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