Wilwood has been making parts for powersports - motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, UTVs, go-karts - for 30 years and is an OEM supplier for several companies. Our powersports product line runs the gamut from master cylinders to calipers, pedals to hand brakes.

If you are building a chopper, Jr. dragster, or even racing lawn mower, we have the proper parts you need for the smaller brake systems these vehicles use. While most cars and trucks use master cylinders with a bore of 3/4" to 1-1/8", motorcycles, quads, and the like typically need smaller 1/2" or 5/8" bore units.

Handlebar Master Cylinders with long alloy lever

Handlebar Master Cylinder:

Wilwood's 5/8” and 1/2" bore Handlebar Master Cylinders are compact, lightweight and specifically designed for recreational, sport and outdoor equipment applications. Constructed of aluminum with a black E-coat finish designed to resist corrosion, with a translucent composite reservoir. Available with a short impact resistant composite lever or a longer cast aluminum lever, both are equipped with a parking brake lock for use with ATVs

These master cylinders fits standard 7/8” diameter handlebars and are available in left or right hand side, for brake and clutch. The housing is designed to accept a threaded (1/4"-32) brake light switch. The fluid outlet port is available with an M10 x 1 thread for banjo bolt type fitting, or 3/8"-24 inverted flair thread.

Forward Control Motorcycle Master Cylinder

Forward Control Master Cylinder:

If you are building a chopper, Wilwood’s Forward Control Motorcycle Foot Pedal Master Cylinder is perfect. Made of billet aluminum, then show chrome finished on both body and lid. This unit measures approximately 2.75" tall, 1.5" wide, with a 3" long body - the pushrod projects a further 2.75". Two blind tapped 5/16"-18 holes on the side, 2.25" on center, make it easy to mount to your custom forward control bracket design.

This forward control master cylinder comes with an industry standard 5/8” piston bore. The matching left and right hand designs are offered for hydraulic clutch use as well as rear brake.  Brake line connects with 3/8"-24 threaded outlet with relieved area for banjo fitting seal. 

Wilwood go kart master cylinder

Go Kart Master Cylinder:

This master cylinder was designed specifically for go karts and junior dragsters. The adjustable ratio lever arm can be pulled by cable or rod, and is easy to attach to any pedal assembly. These have also been used to facilitate hiding the master cylinder under the gas tank on motorcycles.

It features a .500” bore, and weighs only 12 ounces with the brackets. The outlet port is threaded 1/8-27 NPT for a variety of adapters. It comes plumbed with a compression fitting the same as the Wilwood go kart caliper, for connecting to hard lines.

Powersports tandem master cylinder

Powersports Tandem Remote Master Cylinder:

The Powersports Tandem Remote Master Cylinder (TM1) is manufactured from lightweight aluminum with a 5/8” bore and dual 10mm x 1.00 outlets for banjo bolt fittings. Designed for side mounting through holes spaced 90mm apart (3.53") cast into the body. It’s compact design is perfect for applications where space is limited.

Includes push rod, dust boot and a permanent mount .39” diameter clevis. An alternative 5/16-24” threaded pushrod is also available (part #230-7134). Remote mounted reservoirs are sold separately in 4-ounce, 7-ounce, or 10-ounce sizes. If you are building a big brake kit for your side-by-side, this is master cylinder is a perfect start.

Girling Style Remote Master Cylinder

Girling Style Compact Remote Master Cylinder:

This compact design comes from the popular Girling style master cylinder used on 1960s European cars. It is available in 1/2" and 5/8" bore sizes suitable for powersports applications, as well as larger sizes for race cars. They are well known for their dependability and well suited for the smaller piston brake calipers or hydraulic clutches on powersports machines. The 1.25" stroke moves plenty of fluid for most applications and the remote style makes it easy to fit in tight cockpits.  Measuring just a bit over 4" from the flange to the front of the master cylinder, its die-cast construction weighs a little over 12-ounces.

The high-pressure die-cast body has 2.25" on center mounting bolts and is finished in a black protective E-coat finish. Wilwood's engineering incorporates an improved spring and piston assembly for positive pressure control and is fully rebuildable. Reservoir (sold separately) inlet uses standard 7/6 "-20 threads for banjo bolt or adapter fitting. The top-mounted single outlet port has 3/8-24 thread for banjo bolt or inverted flare fitting (with included adapter).


Wilwood doesn't just make the big parts. We have everything from the pedal to the brake pad! Besides calipers, rotors, and master cylinders, we engineer a full line of accessories, brake pads, fluid, brackets, adapters, and more. Here are just a few of the parts designed specifically for use with Wilwood master cylinders.

4oz Universal Remote Reservoir
4-oz plastic reservoir kit 
Billet aluminum 4oz reservoir and mounting bracket4-oz billet aluminum reservoir
7oz plastic reservoir for compact remote master cylinder
7-oz plastic reservoir
10oz plastic reservoir for compact remote master cylinder10-oz plastic reservoir

Go Kart Billet Caliper
Go Kart Billet Caliper
(3 sizes)

Dynalite single floater caliperDynalite Single Floater Caliper

GP310 Harley-Davidson CaliperHarley-Davidson front caliper
(click for details)

GP310 Harley-Davidson rear caliperHarley-Davidson rear caliper
(click for details)


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