Wilwood is an engineering company, first and foremost. We manufacture and ship countless parts each year, but we are always hard at work engineering innovative and better products. If you visited our booth at the SEMA Show (#24743 in Racing and Performance section, Central Hall, Central Lobby), or the new product showcases, you would have seen the prototypes or production versions of several of these new items. Depending on supply chain and raw material issues, all of these items should be shipping in early 2023. 

These are some of our latest products:

Aero6 Direct Mount Brakes for Ford Raptor and F150 Trucks- Wilwood Aero6 calipers re-engineered to bolt directly to the spindles of Ford 1/2-ton trucks, including the Raptor, with rotors to fit under most 17" wheels.

Air-Cooled Porsche 911 Big Brake Kits - Wilwood uses motorsports technology to develop brake kits for classic 911 sports cars, bringing them up to 911 RS or 930 turbo specs.

D11 Replacement Calipers for Classic Ford Mustangs - Engineered using forged aluminum, stainless steel pistons, and high-temperature seals like other Wilwood calipers, but a direct replacement for factory Kelsey-Hayes units.

Tandem Mount Balance Bar Assembly - A competition-style, dual master cylinder balance bar assembly that bolts right to most firewalls to fine-tune brake bias on the fly.

Tri-Five Chevy 2" Drop ProSpindle - Do you want a great stopping, better handling '55, '56, or '57 Chevy? It starts with these 2" drop spindles explicitly made to mount Wilwood brake kits.

UTV Big Brake Kits for Can-Am Maverick - Larger, thicker rotors with calipers based on years of engineering for motorsports, scaled for UTVs with 15" wheels.

Aero6 Direct Mount Kits for 2010-21 Ford Raptor and 1/2-ton Trucks

Ford Raptor Big Brake Kit

Factory off-road performance trucks have overtaken muscle cars in the new car market, so Wilwood created kits to upgrade their front braking performance. The forged billet Aerolite six piston caliper is one of Wilwood's best, with a closed central bridge to reduce deflection and deliver more clamping force from the same leg effort. Our latest innovation machines Aero6 calipers with mounting tabs to mount directly to the truck's factory spindles.

Wilwood rotors are larger than stock (in most applications) for more brake torque while still allowing most 17" wheels to fit over them. The alloy is a special high-friction long-grain carbon iron alloy, making them stop better with less thermal distortion in severe use. They are the perfect upgrade for hauling, towing, or high-speed off-road use.

Calipers come in glossy red or black powder coat. Rotors offer the option of slotted to help clear dirt, water, and dust buildup, or drilled and slotted, for that and the ultimate performance look.

The calipers are engineered to work with the factory master cylinder and electronic driver aids. Kits available fit 2010-18 Ford F150, 2010-14 Ford SVT Raptor, and 2017-2021 Ford Raptor trucks. Kits for other makes and models, including the new Bronco, are coming soon.

Air-Cooled Porsche 911 Big Brake Kits

Porsche 911 310mm big brake kit

Wilwood unveils big brake upgrade kits for air-cooled classic 1969-89 Porsche 911s. These kits work with the existing OEM master cylinders and Porsche rear brakes, but a complementary Wilwood rear kit is coming soon. Front oversized rotors and four piston Superlite calipers have been explicitly engineered with mounting brackets for bolt-on installation to 3.0" or 3.5" struts with no modifications.


Redesigned specifically for Porsche applications, the forged aluminum Superlite front calipers are motorsports-proven. Fade-resistant street performance compound brake pads are standard but are easily swapped to competition or track pads from Wilwood and other manufacturers in just minutes. Special 310mm (12.19") diameter internally-vented iron alloy front rotors are 28mm larger than stock for more brake torque and increased thermal capacity.


Rotors are available with GT slotted faces, or SRP drilled and slotted. Calipers are finished in yellow, red, or black powder coat or 22 additional color options (additional charges may apply). Next year a matching rear kit with 282mm rotors and Powerlite calipers will also be available.

D11 Replacement Calipers for Classic Ford Mustangs

Type-III Hard Anodized Wilwood D11 Caliper

Wilwood now offers upgraded direct replacement calipers for the 1965-67 Ford Mustang, Fairlane, and 1966-67 Ranchero originally equipped with the Kelsey-Hayes disc brake option. These rigid aluminum calipers perfectly replace the stock units and work with any factory-style rotor and brake pad. The D11 calipers are available individually, as a kit with brake pads and braided stainless steel flexlines, or in a complete kit with Wilwood rotors, pads, and flexlines.


New lightweight four piston Wilwood calipers weigh half what the original iron units did, with a forged aluminum body and stainless steel pistons. They are engineered with internal crossovers instead of the external lines found on the originals, which break, leak, or rust with time. The D11 calipers are compatible with stock replacement pads, original rotors, and original-style master cylinders to maintain the proper front/rear brake bias. Available in Type III Hard Ano with a stock-look finish, or gloss black or red powder coat.

Wilwood D11 calipers and kits are on sale now - Wilwood D11 Sales Flyer.

Tandem Mount Balance Bar Assembly

Tandem Mount to Balance Bar Assembly

For the ultimate control on the street or track, dual master cylinders with an adjustable balance bar allow front-to-rear brake bias to be fine-tuned to conditions and driver preference. Wilwood's new solution is the Tandem Mount Balance Bar Assembly, giving modified street cars and trucks the precision control usually reserved for race vehicles. This lightweight forged billet aluminum assembly bolts to the firewall, replacing the tandem master cylinder with an adjustable balance bar and dual master cylinder mounts.


Precision-engineered, this assembly features oval mounting holes for firewall studs 3.22" -3.40" (81.6-86.4mm) on center, horizontally, typical of Ford, GM and others. The balance bar end is sized to mount a pair of single master cylinders of differing bore sizes. The same Wilwood balance bar mechanism has been proven on the track in millions of laps in various forms of racing. Set the initial bias with master cylinder bore sizes, then take full advantage of tires, suspension, downforce, and track conditions with the built-in adjustment knob. The optional remote adjuster kit makes on-the-fly changes possible from the driver's seat.

Tri-Five Chevy 2" Drop ProSpindle

Tri-Five 2" Drop ProSpindles

Wilwood introduces their latest ProSpindle, engineered for a 2" lower ride height and performance brake installation on 1955-57 Chevrolet Bel Air and related cars. These precision-machined steel ProSpindles provide fortified brake caliper mounts and an improved stance while being lighter and stronger than the original factory parts. The ProSpindles mount to OE ball joints in stock or aftermarket control arms and reuse factory steering arms with no change to steering or suspension geometry.

Wilwood ProSpindles and five new brake kits are engineered explicitly to work together. All the kits include high-performance forged aluminum four or six piston calipers with stainless pistons and fade-resistant pads. High-friction, premium iron alloy rotors range from 11.50" to 14.00" in diameter and offer the option of a plain, slotted, or drilled and slotted face.

UTV Big Brake Kits for Can-Am Maverick X3

Big Brake kit for Polaris RZR

Wilwood is excited to bring big brake kits to the Can-Am Maverick X3 sport side-by-sides. It is impressive what these lightweight machines do off-road, designed from scratch for the dirt without any on-road regulations to meet. With ever-increasing horsepower and larger diameter tires loaded with passengers, gear, and sound systems, the stock brakes just don't cut it anymore.

Our kits start with front and rear rotors up to 20% bigger than the factory installed on the Maverick X3. Then Wilwood engineered a mounting system to allow the rotors to float on the hubs, eliminating knockback and thermal distortion. The mounting hats are high-strength, lightweight, forged aluminum, while the 11.25" x 0.25" rotors are high-friction steel.

Wilwood scaled down the big caliper designs used on race cars to fit the rotors and wheels of a UTV. These calipers are smaller but still stress-flow forged aluminum with fortified end bridges for reduced deflection and maximum rigidity. They are engineered with a six piston front and four piston rear, sized to work perfectly with the factory pedals and master cylinder. Polaris, Honda, and Yamaha kits are coming soon.


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