The Department of Transportation required street-driven vehicles to have two redundant hydraulic brake systems in 1967, so all street cars in the US use a tandem master cylinder. Single outlet master cylinders are still very useful in race applications where a pair are used to allow for fine-tuning of the front to rear brake bias with a balance bar. The single master cylinders listed here can also be used to operate a hydraulic clutch or slave cylinder.

Wilwood has a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any application you need. Bores range from 1/2" to 1-1/8", and fluid reservoirs go from 1.5-ounces up to 10-ounces. We also make a full range of accessories to solve any number of installation or service issues.

High Volume Master Cylinder

High Volume Master Cylinder:

Wilwood's High Volume Master Cylinders combine lightweight, high-pressure die-cast aluminum construction with racing performance in 3/4", 7/8", or 1" bore. The long 1-7/16" stroke provides greater volume with each application, eliminating the need to pump the pedal. The sizeable 8.2-ounce fluid reservoir is 26% larger than other standard units, with unique internal baffling to prevent fluid aeration. That capacity assures plenty of fluid volume to accommodate a stroke 30% greater than typical master cylinders.

Compact design (less than 5" long to the mounting flange) weighs about 24-ounces yet features quick retraction thanks to heavy-duty spring. Die-cast master cylinder flange mounts to pedals with 2.15" on center studs and incorporates side mounting capabilities. Designed to be used with a balance bar in pairs on competition vehicles but is also great for hydraulic clutches.

Girling Style Compact Integral Master Cylinder

Girling Style Compact Integral Master Cylinder:

Racers can use this popular compact design with an integral reservoir for smaller piston brake calipers or hydraulic clutches requiring 5/8", 7/10" (.70"), or 3/4" bores. Patterned after original Girling designs from the 1960s European cars, it is well known for its dependability. Measuring just over 4" from the flange to the front of the master cylinder to fit in tight spaces. Flange mounts to pedals or firewalls with studs 2.25" on center.

The high-pressure die-cast aluminum body with a black protective E-coat finish is fully rebuildable. Wilwood's version incorporates a refined spring and piston assembly for positive pressure control and an improved plastic screw-on filler cap. Top-mounted single outlet port with 3/8-24 thread for banjo bolt or inverted flare fitting (with included adapter).

Girling style compact remote master cylinder

Girling Style Compact Remote Master Cylinder:

This compact design adds a remote reservoir to the popular Girling style master cylinder patterned after 1960s European car units. They are well known for their dependability and intended for smaller piston brake calipers or hydraulic clutches. Because the remote style is so prevalent in various racing divisions, it comes in five bore sizes - 1/2", 5/8", 7/10" (.70"), 3/4", and 13/16". All five sizes feature the same 1.25" stroke. Measuring just a bit over 4" from the flange to the front of the master cylinder, its die-cast construction lets it weigh a little over 12-ounces.

The high-pressure die-cast body has 2.25" on center mounting bolts and is finished in a black protective E-coat finish. Wilwood's engineering incorporates an improved spring and piston assembly for positive pressure control and is fully rebuildable. Reservoir (sold separately) inlet uses standard 7/6 "-20 threads for banjo bolt or adapter fitting. The top-mounted single outlet port has 3/8-24 thread for banjo bolt or inverted flare fitting (with included adapter).

Compact "Shorty" Remote Master Cylinder

Compact “Shorty” Remote Master Cylinder:

Wilwood's Compact "Shorty" Remote Master Cylinders have been designed for limited space applications; it is only about the size of a roll of quarters. Despite the compact dimensions, it retaining the output of a full-size master cylinder with 1.12" of piston stroke that actually exceeds many full-size units. The ultra-short 3-3/8" compact body (from mounting flange to front of the master cylinder) is 2" shorter than our High Volume model, and nearly an inch smaller than the Girling style. Available with side mount holes or 2.25" on center mounting flange, in seven sizes from 5/8" to 1-1/8".

The black E-coated aluminum body resists corrosion with a durable, long-lasting finish and is fully rebuildable. Available with 1/8" -27 NPT or 3/8 "-24 thread fluid outlet port for pipe fitting or banjo bolt connection. The outlet is located at the top of the cylinder bore, reducing the chance of trapped air. Enhanced fluid inlet port allows mounting of 4-ounce, 7-ounce, or 10-ounce reservoir. The kit includes plastic reservoir hose adapters, and the inlet port is tapped with 11/16-20 internal threads for custom reservoir plumbing.

Combination Remote Master Cylinder

Combination Remote Master Cylinder:

The Combination Remote Master Cylinder has been used in racing, agricultural, recreational, and industrial applications. The ability to be side or flange mounted and six bore sizes from 5/8" to 1-1/8" make it suitable for any size caliper, slave cylinder, or hydraulic clutch. The flange mounting holes are set at 2.25" on center to fit most racing pedal assemblies. This lightweight aluminum unit is available in

The body measures about 5-1/2" from the mounting flange to the front of the master cylinder. The body is precision machined from high-strength aluminum, with an outlet port and bleed screw at the front to eliminate trapped air. Tapped 3/8 "-24, the outlet can be used with banjo bolt, or AN-3 or 3/8-24 inverted flair line (with included adapters). Both small 4-ounce and large 10-ounce plastic reservoirs are included for direct mounting, or remote mount for more convenient service access (with included kit).


Wilwood doesn't just make the big parts. We have everything from the pedal to the brake pad! Besides calipers, rotors, and master cylinders, we engineer a full line of accessories, brake pads, fluid, brackets, adapters, and more. Here are just a few of the part numbers that make installing a Wilwood master cylinder even easier.

Hydraulic hand brake lever
Hydraulic hand brake lever
Billet aluminum 4oz reservoir and mounting bracket4-oz billet aluminum reservoir
7oz plastic reservoir for compact remote master cylinder
7-oz plastic reservoir
10oz plastic reservoir for compact remote master cylinder10-oz plastic reservoir
Floor Mounted Pedal with Balance Bar
Floor mounted brake pedal
Swing mount brake pedal with balance bar
Swing mount brake pedal



  • Wilwood Disc Brakes: June 29, 2021
    Author image

    Hello Mark -

    Check out the Wilwood Compact Remote Flange Mount Master Cylinder linked below for one of the most popular designs used on the balance bar and tru-bar pedal assemblies for your vehicle.

    We are a measure twice cut once company so before we provide specific master sizing we would need to know the part number or piston size of your Wilwood 4-piston calipers.

    Please reach out once you have this info or if you have any more questions.

    Wilwood Team

  • MARK GUNKELston disc in rea: June 29, 2021
    Author image

    1963 Chevy II SBC street and autocross use. I have Wilwood rear 10.5" 4 piston and front 11" 4 piston.

    I want Wilwood pedal assembly Swing Mount Tru-Bar Brake and Clutch Pedal.

    Do you have recommendations for master cylinder style along with stroke and bore size.


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