Wilwood's innovative Wide 5 Starlite "bubble" hub is lightweight, strong, and affordable, which is why it is the standard used in many forms of motorsports and much imitated by our competitors.

For maximum durability, nuts and bolts should never be over-torqued. Use a two-step process, snugging in an alternating or crisscross pattern, then tightening to spec to spread force evenly over the hub. Over-tightening, or fully tightening one bolt before the the rest are snug, can cause parts to not seat properly, and cause mounting plates to warp or stress which can cause metal fatigue.

Wide 5 Starlite 55 hub - front


1 Drive Flange Bolts
(socket head or 12-point)
5 x 7/16"-14 bolts

40-45 ft-lbs
(plus safety wire)

2 Steel Lug Nuts 5 x 5/8"-11 studs 75 ft-lbs
3 Starlite 55 Rotor Adapter to Hub 8 x 5/16"-18 bolts 18 ft-lbs
4 Rotor to Floating Plate T-nuts 8 x 5/16"-24 bolts 18-20 ft-lbs
5* Rotor to Hub or Adapter 8 x 5/16"-18 18 ft-lbs
6 Starlite 55XD Rotor Adapter to Hub 5 x 3/8"-16 bolts 30 ft-lbs


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Wide 5 Starlite 55 hub - reverse Wide Five XD reverse 2


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