Recently at Wilwood Disc Brakes, we had the pleasure of installing a newly designed big disc brake kit on the front of a 1974 Triumph TR6. An evolution of the classic British sports car, the TR6 sold well from 1968 until production ended in 1976 and the new TR7 was introduced. The TR6 is an iconic sports car that is pure fun to drive, from the dual-exhaust straight six sound to nimble handling, and snick-snick of the four-speed manual transmission.

Triumph TR6 at Wilwood Disc Brakes Building in Camarillo, CA

The Wilwood Forged Dynalite big brake kit as shown here on the TR6 will also fit the 1967-68 Triumph TR5/TR250, and 1965-68 TR4A models. Complete conversion kits come as an easy bolt-on package with a choice of 24 caliper colors, with a 11.00" two-piece rotors in plain face or drilled and slotted. 

 Wilwood Dynalite Big Brake Kit for Triumph TR6

Manufactured in the USA and engineered specifically for these cars, the kits are the perfect complement to wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades and are fully compatible with the OE master cylinder output.    

Big Front Brake Kit for Triumph TR6 - Rear Inlet View



Wilwood Dynalite Big Front Brake Kit for Triumph TR6




← Click here for details on this Dynalite brake kit engineered specifically for the Triumph TR6



Triumph TR6 Interior - Shifter


  • Bryan at Wilwood: August 26, 2022
    Author image


    Unfortunately we cannot say if this will fit the 1973 Lotus Europa, even though it may use the same brakes from the factory as the Triumph. We have not test fit this kit on a Lotus and there always seem to be just enough differences between cars that are supposedly the same that we can’t recommend it.

    If you call our tech number ( (805) 388-1188 – 6:00am – 5:00pm PST – Monday – Friday) they may have more information. There are no returns accepted on any items once they have been installed.

    Bryan Wood

  • Paul Berdoulay: August 25, 2022
    Author image

    Will this fit a 1973 Lotus Europa Twincam Special. These 2 cars share the same system?

    What is your return policy?

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