Wilwood Disc Brakes, the most widely used brake brand in all motorsports, has introduced advanced big brake upgrade kits for 1999-2012 Porsche 911 models, specifically targeting the 996 and 997 generations. These kits are designed to meet modern performance standards with oversized rotors and Wilwood's competition-proven forged aluminum calipers, offering enhanced brake torque and fade resistance for both front and rear applications.

Key Highlights:

  • Compatibility: Designed for 1999-2012 Porsche 911 models, generations 996 and 997.
  • Performance: Features oversized rotors, larger than Turbo or Carrera 4, managed by forged aluminum calipers.
  • Front Calipers: Aerolite six-piston calipers with stainless steel pistons, high temperature seals, and a central stiffening bridge.
  • Front Rotors: Two-piece 356mm (14.00”) x 32mm (1.25”) Spec37 iron alloy rotors, nearly 38mm (1.5”) larger than OE, mounted on lightweight forged aluminum hats.
  • Rear Calipers: Forged aluminum Superlite calipers with pistons sized for proper brake bias.
  • Rear Rotors: One-piece 330mm (12.98”) x 28mm (1.10”) premium iron alloy rotors, 31mm (1.22”) larger than OE.
  • Rotor Options: Available in GTB slotted or SRP drilled and slotted faces with black E-coating.
  • Compatibility: Works with OE master cylinder and ABS systems.
  • Brake Pads: Includes high-performance BP-10 street brake pads, with options for other street and track compounds.
  • Caliper Finishes: Available in Le Mans yellow, gloss red, black powder coat, and 23 additional color options (extra charges may apply).

Wilwood’s big brake kits are engineered to elevate the performance of Porsche 911s to modern standards. The front setup includes Aerolite six-piston calipers with advanced features such as stainless steel pistons and high-temperature seals. The rotors are significantly larger than the original equipment, providing better brake torque and fade resistance.

In the rear, the Superlite calipers ensure proper brake bias with one-piece premium iron alloy rotors that are also larger than the OE versions. The rotors are finished in black E-coat and come in various slotting options for enhanced performance and aesthetics.


Wilwood Brake Kits for Porsche 911, Models 996 and 997


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